BATMAN and Superwoman are inviting children to dress up as their superheroes for a fun oral health event at Love the Dentist.

The Children’s Superhero Open Day takes place at the Town Lane practice in Mobberley on Monday, August 13, from 10am to 2pm, and is free to attend.

Children can be seen on the day by principal dentist Dr Greg Paysden for a check-up, and oral health education will be given, with a workshop showing the most effective way of brushing their teeth.

This information will be for children and parents, and there will be a small goody bag to take home with them.

Greg will be dressed as Batman, alongside dental nurse Kimberley Hill as Superwoman, and the open day is aimed at five to 11-year-old children.

Greg added: “It’s not just a local event - we want to encourage children from far and wide to join us in the fun - especially the more nervous types, maybe who haven't been to the dentist yet as they are too worried or haven't had the chance.

“Our aim is to encourage children's oral health in a positive and exciting way. We want to show children that brushing their teeth is important and can be done in a fun way - it doesn't have to be a boring chore.

“We also want to showcase our lovely and caring team and show children dentists aren't as scary as they may think or of heard.

“Oral health is part of general health and wellbeing and contributes to the development of a healthy child and school readiness.

“A recent report by Public Health England, showed some worrying stats.

“Although oral health is improving in England almost a quarter (24.7 per cent) of five-year-olds have tooth decay, so one in four children will have tooth decay when they start school.

“Each child with tooth decay will have on average three to four teeth affected.

“Tooth decay is the most common oral disease affecting children in England, and the most common reason for children to be admitted to hospital, yet it is largely preventable.