Next May the good people of Cheshire East will elect a new council.

Cheshire East Tories would like us to return the sitting tenants ie them.

I can just imagine the campaign: “From the people who gave you Fake Air Pollution Data, Bullying, Suspensions and many many more we give you...Four More Years.”

Not a great tag line is it?

After public demand for the current regime to be put into special measures, Tatton MP Esther McVey told me directly the Government had heard their cry and would be monitoring CEC very closely.

Considering 20 per cent of the staff still complain of bullying, the failure to pay the correct rates to care workers, fake air data and four separate police investigations, the ‘monitoring’ process must be as inept as those being monitored.

Or else the Tory leadership are afraid their intervention would cause a collapse in the local Conservative vote?

Leader of the Labour Group Cllr Sam Corcoran wants change and is asking: “If not now, then when?”

It’s a reasonable question.

One could hardly conceive of a worse track record than the current Tory council.

There’s nothing left for them to cock up.

They got rid of the leader they elected, screwed up their own five-year-plan and then someone was running around deliberately falsifying air pollution data.

It’s impossible to believe any new council could do any worse.

I actually said to a leading Tory councillor this week that I thought there was a realistic chance of the Tories losing control of Cheshire East and to my utter amazement the response was 'I hope we do'.

There followed an explanation far too damning for me to repeat.

We shall all get to cast our vote on May 2, 2019.

If you are happy with the way Tory-controlled Cheshire East has performed in the past four years put your cross in the Conservative box.

If, on the other hand you feel outraged by the litany of mistakes, blunders and excuses vote for change.

It’s your vote...use it wisely.

By columnist Vic Barlow