FIREFIGHTERS believe that someone deliberately tried to reignite the peat bog fire at Lindow Moss after firefighters tackled the blaze for two days. 

Firefighters left Lindow Moss at 3.30pm yesterday after 48 hours of tackling a large peat bog fire, which at its biggest covered one-and-a-half acres of land.

But less than three hours after leaving the scene, firefighters from Wilmslow, Poynton, Macclesfield and Bollington were called back to Lindow Moss. 

A spokesman for Cheshire Fire Service said: "Four piles of peat covering an area of around six square metres were on fire.

"Three main jets and a hose reel were used to bring the blaze under control and a thermal imaging camera was then used to check there were no hotspots that could reignite."

The fire service said the fire was believed to have been started deliberately.