A GARDENER from Cranage is close to becoming the owner of the world’s tallest Delphinium.

Daphne Jones, 60, is set to be a world record holder after her Delphiniums have grown more than three metres in the past month.

The perennial plant was originally planted from seed seven years ago, and it was only after returning from holiday in France last month, that the 60-year-old clerical assistant realised how much the plant had grown.

Daphne told the Guardian: “It’s just crazy. It has happened all by itself. It was already big before we went away, but after we got back we realised it had grown even more.

“It’s mainly down to the really wet spring and then lots of sun that has made it shoot up.

“They are usually tricky, but they have grown to around 8ft in the past.

“It has only just started blossoming now and hopefully it will have fully blossomed in around three or four days.”

Daphne said she had always been interested in gardening since a child, so much so, she has an award for her efforts.

“In 2005 I won a gold medal in the back-to-back garden category at the RHS Flower Show in Tatton Park,” she said.

Daphne’s semi-retired husband Roger, 63, said even at its current height, the plant is ‘still growing’.

“It is around 3.1 metres (10.1ft) now, and it’s still growing. It’s not actually flowered yet and that will add a bit more height on it too,” he said.

“The current world record is 3.2 metres and in the next day or two it will probably top the record.

“We have been in touch with the Guinness Book of World Records, but it takes around two months to verify and it could be dead by then.”