PRIMARY school children have produced a music video as part of a plea to parkers and speeders who are putting their safety at risk.

The children are pupils at Bexton Primary School in Knutsford, where the school council is campaigning to improve road safety around the school.

The pupils organised a competition for children to design their own Park Safely flyer, and wrote and sang the lyrics for a video on the same theme.

“We are so incredibly proud of the children who have taken our Park Safely campaign to another level,” said head teacher Emily Armstrong.

“I truly believe this will help remind parents and carers to consider the safety of our children when parking around school.

“We have worked incredibly hard to encourage the community to park and drive safely around Bexton, and would like to thank the vast majority who do.

“However, we still have a significant problem with a small minority who drive down Blackhill Lane at high speed at peak times and those who park unsafely, putting our children at risk.

“Over the years we have sent out reminders, asked the PCSO and traffic wardens to increase their visibility, launched a Facebook campaign, bought posters and signs, asked the council to complete a speed survey around the school and have even tried to speak to perpetrators directly - which never ends well.

“So this year we asked our School Council to take charge, and they have amazed us with their enterprising strategies to improve parking and road safety around the school.

“The children felt it was really important to try and get all the children involved in the campaign, and so set up a competition for children to design their own Park Safely flyer.”

The winning entries have been distributed to all parents and carers at the school gates, and the children have also written and presented their own Keep Safe on the Roads assembly for all the children.

“They have also finished the most amazing music video on the Park Safely theme,” added Emily.

“The children have worked together to write and sing their own lyrics, as well as acting out some brilliant suggestions for parking safely - they even managed to persuade the staff to join in too.”

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