HEAD teacher Denis Oliver has thanked everyone from Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School who attended Gregory Priestnall's funeral on Friday.

Mr Oliver is head teacher at the school, where Gregory Priestnall, who died suddenly, was in Year 13 preparing for his A-level examinations.

Mr Oliver said: "The news of Greg’s sudden death was a terrible shock to everyone within our school community.

"Greg was a very popular, successful, member of our sixth form, and at his funeral last Friday his family and friends paid tribute to Greg, who was quite simply a lovely young man.

"Thank you to everyone from our school and sixth form who went along to say goodbye to Greg.

"Your individual and collective contributions to the occasion were heartfelt and warmly appreciated.

"Thank you also for those who stayed behind and helped to cover for other colleagues so that they could take part.

"Greg was a well-loved and respected member of our school community and we will miss him dearly.

"Our thought and prayers are with his mum, dad, family and friends. We will never forget him."