KNUTSFORD Mayor Cllr Neil Forbes hugely enjoyed the pageantry and spectacle of the town’s Royal May Day.

He described the event as ‘a wow experience’, and one which impressed his friends when they visited from London.

Cllr Forbes enjoyed the spectacle of the performances on The Heath from the grandstand, and was full of admiration for the superb organisation which went into the community celebrations.

He said: “Knutsford is all about history – Knutsford is an historic town, and this is history.

“This is the event’s 154th year, and the whole thing is pageant, and it’s all absolutely amazing.

“I have nothing but admiration for Alderman Steve Wilkinson and the amazing committee – it’s a logistical nightmare for them, and is brilliantly organised and very well done.

“I enjoy everything about it – the whole pageantry of it, the quaintness, the country town going back over the centuries – that is Knutsford.

“I am London born and bred, and when I have friends up from London when I am not being mayor for things like this they just go – wow.

“The whole thing is a wow experience, we had really good weather this year and the crowds look bigger than previous years.”

For Tatton MP Esther McVey it was her second visit to the Royal May Day, which she said was one of her favourite events in Knutsford.

“Whilst last year was one of the coldest on record, this year was the total opposite,” she said.

“I was extremely impressed by all the children and young people taking part in the parade, but I was particularly in awe of those in animal suits and costumes which totally covered them - they must have been absolutely sweltering, but soldiered on like true professionals.”