'INSPIRATIONAL' young carers have been praised by The Children's Adventure Farm Trust, which has hosted a group of young people.

“We have had a fantastic group of Young Carers staying with us from around Cheshire," said Trust fundraiser Helen Crowther.

"I've been lucky enough to spend some time with this inspirational group of young people, all of who are helping to provide care at home for a family member.

"Caitlyn is 10 years old, she's a funny, lively, interesting young girl who I I had a lovely chat with.

"She was telling me about her fantastic family, which consists of her mum and dad, big sister Caitlyn and her younger identical twin brothers Ian and Aaron, who are six.

"Aaron has additional needs, which inevitably means he needs a little more time and attention than his twin brother Ian.

"Caitlyn described how she helps to look after Ian so that Aaron can get the extra support he needs from mum and dad.

"Caitlyn talked so positively about taking on this role, it was clear that she's a caring young girl who loves to help.

"Kacey from Cheshire Young Carers echoed this as she told me that whenever she gets a new Young Carer join their group Caitlyn is always there to make them feel welcome and look after them.

"Kacey said she often has to stop many of the children in her group from helping with domestic tasks such as washing dishes and cleaning during their play sessions as they're all so used to helping out at home that it becomes second nature to them.

"Cheshire Young Carers provides fortnightly sessions for these fantastic children, a time for them to play and have fun and to meet other children who are taking on a caring role.

"Caitlyn told me how much she loves these sessions and how great it is to spend time with other children who are 'helpful' too.

"Here at CAFT we're honoured to be able to offer these amazing children a break away from their caring roles in a supportive, fun and safe environment.

"These children deserve to be celebrated every day of the week, but especially on National Siblings Day. We're in awe of these caring young children and it's an honour to spend time with them during their stay."