AN entrepreneur and mum-of-two has launched a new product which supplies parents with essential medicines and remedies for their new arrivals.

Manju Bhatia, who lives in Wilmslow, launched PoorlyBoo after spotting a huge gap in the market when she noticed her and her friends weren’t always properly equipped at home to cope with common illnesses that children often get.

She realised that many parents were dashing out of the house late at night for remedies like teething gel or ibuprofen when their babies and toddlers were struck with colds, stuffy noses, tummy aches and teething pains.

As a result, Manju came up with PoorlyBoo, a cleverly designed medical box containing 13 carefully selected products, such as sudocream, paracetamol, and teething gel, designed to ensure new families have the essential medicines they need.

Manju said: “It was in my day-to-day experiences with my friends and other new mums, an idea was born. A PoorlyBoo box means you have essentials on hand when you need them the most. There is no need to pop to the chemist in the middle of the night if you are well equipped, and new parents might even get a bit more sleep!”

Since launching PoorlyBoo last year, Manju has seen the business go from strength to strength and is hoping to roll out the product on a national scale. The medical box is complemented by a first aid box, which contains 100 pieces of first aid kit, including an ice pack, bandages, plasters, a thermal blanket and more.

Manju said there are challenges of running her new business and being a mum.

She added: “I have to plan my time more effectively and efficiently to get everything done. I have become a master of changing ‘hats’ – from chief finance officer to chief birthday party planner – but I’m becoming an expert at time management.”

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