HOLMES Chapel Partnership wants to see the views of villagers being taken into account in the design of a new roundabout scheme.

The call comes from Stuart Gammon, the chairman of the partnership, who presented a 942-name petition to Cheshire East Council chairman Cllr Rachel Bailey.

The roundabout scheme is earmarked for the junction of Chester Road/Station Road and London Road, and the petition is calling for safe crossings to be provided at the junction.

Stuart said: “The junction, which is very difficult to cross on foot is currently controlled by traffic lights, but these are due to be replaced by a roundabout, potentially making it even harder to cross.”

The Partnership and residents who wrote to the council about the petition have received a letter from Andrew Ross, the director of infrastructure and highways at Cheshire East Council.

Mr Ross said in the letter: “Whilst this improvement is focused on improving capacity of the junction and thereby reducing congestion, providing facilities for pedestrians is equally important.

“The detailed design of the roundabout scheme has not yet commenced, but it is intended that the scheme will include a number of controlled pedestrian crossings that will allow pedestrians to cross the A50 London Road and the A54 Chester Road.

“Once a draft scheme design has been completed, the council will then undertake a consultation with the parish council/ward members and residents to gain their views on the proposed scheme design.”

Stuart added: “The Partnership will be pressing for earlier community involvement - at the start of the design process - so that the community’s views can be represented from the beginning of the process, and thereby minimise issues at the public consultation stage.

“There is only one safe, pedestrian-controlled, crossing on the north side of the junction; there are no safe crossing points on the other three sides, making it hazardous for pedestrians crossing the road - especially crossing Chester Road, where visibility of traffic travelling north on London Road into Chester Road is very poor.

“In addition there is no proper footpath on the south side of Chester Road.

“The plan to replace the lights with a roundabout will make the situation much worse, as there will be no enforced breaks in traffic flow, meaning pedestrians will have to take a chance crossing the road - hoping drivers will give way.”

Updates on the progress of the plans will be communicated to the local community via the Partnership’s website - hcpartnership.org.uk - and the Holmes Chapel Community Newsletter.