REVOLUTION Wilmslow is championing a new initiative by Revolution Bars Group to remove all plastic straws from its venues.

The new sustainability campaign, known as #TheFinalStraw, will see the banning of plastic straw purchases across all Revolution bars, putting an end to its annual order of 30 million straws.

A biodegradable, fully compostable alternative straw, called PLA straws which are manufactured from a plant-based plastic, will be available to customers who specifically ask or require a straw.

Stag Frangeskou, general manager at Revolution Wilmslow, said: “Sustainability, reducing carbon footprint, and minimising our impact on the environment has always been something we’re conscious of at Revolution Bars Group.

“Moving to PLA straws, which take a much shorter time to biodegrade than plastic straws, not serving straws as standard in drinks, completely doing away with plastic stirrers and replacing them with wooden ones are all things that are happening across our entire estate.

“Moreover, as a company we have been pushing our social media to highlight the impact of plastic straws on the environment and engaging our guests to move away from using them as well.”

Myles Doran, commercial director of Revolution Bars Group, said: “We have a huge responsibility as one of the leading premium bar groups in the UK to get behind the ‘no straws’ campaign.

“In 2017 we used over 30 million straws and removing these is us playing our part in significantly reducing the volume of plastic that damages our environment.”

Further measures to reduce wastage include switching to dehydrated fruit garnishes to reduce food waste, replacing all beverage napkins with ceramic coasters, and partnering with Refill – a free tap water initiative.

Revolution have also added their own message to guests at the bottom of their cocktail menus, saying: “Plastic pollution sucks, that’s why we’ve reduced the amount of plastic we use in bar and ditched regular drinking straws for cool new biodegradable straws – and only if you ask for one.”