A NEW game involving decorated rocks is sweeping the streets of Wilmslow.

The game, described as a ‘random acts of kindness hide and seek’ game, involves members of the community creating and painting unique designs on rocks. The participants then hide the rocks around town in the hope that someone else will pick up the rock and re-hide it in a new location.

The aim is to spread these little emblems of kindness as far and wide as possible.

Sophie Taylor set up the Facebook group ‘Wilmslow Rocks’ after finding a ‘Stockport Rocks’ rock on Gravel Lane. Since starting the Wilmslow group on March 30, there are already 300 members.

Sophie said: “I had never heard of the idea before, but it turns out there are similar groups all over the UK, some with thousands of members.

“People of all ages are already enjoying getting crafty, designing and painting rocks, and children are so excited to find them, so it encourages them to get outdoors.”

The participants write something along the lines of ‘Please post on Wilmslow Rocks and re-hide’ on the back of their rock, so the members of the group can see how far the rock travels.

Sophie said: “People have been putting lovely messages on them, such as ‘choose kind’ and thought-provoking quotes from books. Businesses are also designing them; one café has painted a green ladybird that gives the finder a free drink at the café.”

Anyone can get involved, both painting and re-hiding rocks found around the area.

Sophie added: “The more rocks in circulation, the better the game will be!”