BABY signing classes are being launched in Wilmslow this term to teach toddlers and parents how to communicate with one another before they learn how to talk.

The new classes use a form of sign language to help babies and toddlers as their language develops, expanding their vocabulary and allowing them to communicate clearly when they don’t yet have the words for something.

The sessions are run by TinyTalk, an award-winning organisation, which is the first of its kind to deliver baby signing classes across the UK.

Claire Barnett, TinyTalk teacher for Wilmslow, said: “I started signing with my son when he was a few months old. I had been really excited about weaning but it just didn’t go well until one day he made his first sign, ‘drink’. I gave him a drink of water, he looked slightly amazed but overjoyed to have been understood, and then he started to eat.

“Weaning changed literally overnight and his signing went from strength to strength. By the time he was two he knew over 150 signs! It enabled him to communicate with me long before he could talk, creating a strong bond between us and a lot less stress!”

TinyTalk use nursery rhymes, multi-sensory toys, instruments, books and playtimes, plus the focus of easy-to-learn signs, to help young families understand each other better.

Claire added: “Being a TinyTalk teacher is so worthwhile as I know that I make a difference to the lives of my families. The benefit of teaching your baby or toddler to sign, to be able to communicate with you from such an early age, is priceless.”

TinyTalk was founded in 2002, and has since grown to 120 teachers, teaching up to 7000 families in over 500 classes per week.

Wilmslow classes are held on Fridays from 10am, the first is this Friday, April 13. Baby classes are suitable from birth to 18 months, toddler classes are for confident walkers up to pre-school age. For more information visit