A BREWERY owner reckons Knutsford could become a unique destination for craft ale as plans take shape for the town’s fourth beer festival.

In a first for the event, Mobberley Brewhouse is running a keg bar at Knutsford Beer Festival which will feature modern beer styles from some of the UK’s newest and most progressive breweries.

But the festival will also feature 28 cask ales that will champion the north west’s real ale scene.

With a selection from 27 breweries offering a full range from traditional full bodied ales all the way through to craft beer styles like tropical pale ales, James Roberts, owner and head brewer at Mobberley Brewhouse, thinks the event has the potential to become one of region’s best beer events.

The former Mobberley Primary School pupil said: “If Knutsford Beer Festival continues to expand its offerings in terms of beer diversity and embrace modern, progressive beer styles and breweries there is a strong chance of it becoming a unique, destination beer event.

“Other events in the north west, namely Indy Man, have had huge success by creating an annual gathering of extremely talented breweries and an unrivalled selection of craft beer. Offering the best beers from the best breweries will always pull in huge numbers of avid beer drinkers from the area and further afield.”

Serving beer from kegs is a method favoured by many craft brewers because it doesn’t need to be ‘conditioned’ in the barrel like a real ale.

A keg is like a big can and the external CO2 pressure keeps the beer fresh and sparkling.

This has helped the festival attract renowned breweries like Wiper and True, Buxton Brewery and Track as well as newcomers that have been causing a stir like Neon Raptor and Burning Soul, which won an award at Indy Man.

Mobberley Brewhouse will also be unveiling its New England-style beer Sofa Surfer, made in collaboration with Manchester's Shindigger.

James added: “Showcasing the best keg beers from the region’s breweries is also paramount.

“Without keg beers you are only targeting half of the potential audience and not catering for a lot of people who otherwise would attend.”

“The potential for a beer festival that is actually showcasing both cask and keg is huge – there is no other event like this one happening right now in Cheshire.

“When given the opportunity to help out and set up a keg bar at this years event it was an easy decision – we are very keen to help out and see this event become one of the best beer festivals in the north west.

“As a team we look forward to pouring and drinking great beer once again at Knutsford Beer Festival 2018.”

In another first, the festival will be serving gluten-free beers by Manchester’s First Chop and low/zero alcohol beers from Wild Beer Co and St Peter’s Brewery.

  • Knutsford Beer Festival is taking place at Egerton Youth Club on April 20 and 21. Visit knutsfordbeerfestival.org.uk