A care home in Wilmslow has been rated Good after a recent inspection by the Care Quality Commission.

Cherished Care Services is a family-run company that provides care to people living in their own houses and flats in the community.

The report praised the services’ leadership and effectiveness. The inspector who carried out the report said: “During the inspection we found the registered manager to be welcoming, approachable and responsive to any feedback we provided. Staff also expressed that they felt thoroughly supported by the management team and believed the culture and ethos of the registered provider was to provide kind, caring and compassionate support to people who need it.”

During the inspection, users of Cherished Care Services also had positive responses, saying ‘I have total peace of mind’, ‘I trust the carers; they’re brilliant’, and ‘Yes, they’re trustworthy, like part of the family’.

The inspection noted that the service was organised and well maintained, and that records were regularly reviewed and updated in order to minimise risk. The inspector said: “Care plans were person-centred and provided detailed information in relation to a person’s wishes, choices and preferences.”

The inspector added: “We saw evidence during the inspection that the day to day support needs of people was being safely managed and people were receiving the appropriate care from health care professionals. Appropriate referrals were taking place and the relevant guidance and advice which was provided by professionals was being followed accordingly.”