A NEW controlled crossing could be introduced in London Road, replacing the existing zebra crossing near the Old Red Lion pub.

Following a request from Holmes Chapel Parish Council, a proposal has been published by Cheshire East Council to install a puffin crossing – an intelligent traffic light junction which can allow extra time for slower pedestrians.

The site is seen by the borough council as the second most important on its pedestrians and vehicles (PV2) to-do list, due to queues caused by the high number of pedestrians crossing the road.

The crossing serves as key access to shops and amenities in the village, as well as various other businesses and car parks.

The proposed crossing upgrade is supported by the local ward members, the Parish Council and Cheshire Police with no further comments made since the informal consultation has taken place.

A CEC statement of reasons behind the order, which is under public consultation until February 16, said a more ‘rigorous’ system is required to alleviate safety concerns. A survey was undertaken in November.

The statement said: “Following a request from HCPC, a PV2 assessment was undertaken to determine whether the existing facility was fit for purpose, or should be upgraded to a more rigorous form of controlled crossing provision in line with CEC’s pedestrian crossing policy.

“As part of the site based pedestrian crossing assessment (PV2), pedestrian movements at this crossing are very high throughout large parts of the day, albeit due to the location of the crossing in proximity of the mini roundabout further south of the crossing, traffic queues when pedestrians cross is moderate.

“However, due to the high number of pedestrians who use this crossing being classified as elderly or infirm, then consideration to providing a rigorous form of crossing point would give such road users more confidence when using this particular facility.”

The proposal received support from councillors and the police in previous informal discussions.