A KNUTSFORD Market Hall stall is supporting the environment and community in one fell swoop, with discounted offers to green-minded shoppers.

In a bid to cut down on plastic use, Steph Trafford and Ollie Chadwick – who run The Market Café in Silk Mill Street – are offering 25p off tea and coffee to customers who bring their own reusable cup.

The idea is one taking off in cafés across the country, with the couple also exploring the option of recyclable cups to replace those in use.

Steph said: “When all this came out about the Latte Levy, where there were calls to charge 25p extra for disposable cups, we decided to go the other way and just thought it made more sense to encourage people to make a change and get more out of it.

“It’s gone really well. We get people bringing cups and tubs in for drinks and soup as well, taking advantage of the discount.”

The café owners are not the only ones implementing green initiatives, and with the market celebrating local producers its carbon footprint is already low.

All stallholders also encourage shoppers to use reusable bags – on sale in the hall itself – in the market and around town.

Meanwhile, market stalwart Alan Bolshaw uses his stall to highlight the ‘natural packaging’ of fruit and vegetables rather than use unnecessary plastic.

Knutsford Town Council’s town centre manager Sandra Curties said: “Knutsford Market Hall is taking steps to minimise the presence of plastic in our customers’ shopping experience, whether that is by offering reusable shopping bags, discounts on take away coffee if you bring your own mug and the majority of our fruit and vegetables are purchased sitting in nature’s own packaging.

“We are by no means perfect but will be making further steps throughout the year, so please watch this space.”

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