A WOMAN who broke both legs when she was run over in King Street car park is looking to track down those who came to her aid, after seeing the driver who injured her fined in court.

Paediatric nurse Laura Robinson, 28, was visiting a friend in Knutsford on August 16 when she was struck by a reversing Peugeot 208 car while paying for parking, requiring an air ambulance to take her to Wythenshawe Hospital.

Still unable to return to work at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Laura – from Widnes – is undergoing rehabilitation and wants the chance to thank her makeshift medical team in person.

While one, whose name she knows only as Marcus, became a key police witness as the driver was fined for dangerous driving, the other was a retired army medic whose details she did not get.

“I don’t remember much,” said Laura of the crash, which occurred around 2.15pm on the Wednesday.

“My friend was with me and my boyfriend was able to get there quickly. He said this army medic in particular was a huge help.

“I was in the car park for around an hour – the traffic was bad and they couldn’t move me until specialist equipment arrived in an ambulance to put my legs in traction.

“I just want to say a massive thank you. The way it all happened, I could’ve had a spinal injury but those who helped knew not to move me – luckily they knew what to do.

“I’m just thankful to them, to the police and ambulance crews and the staff at Wythenshawe.”

Laura initially spent three weeks in hospital – including one in intensive care – and has undergone four operations. Almost six months on, she still requires a wheelchair and crutches to get around.

Although her tough recovery continues, Laura recalls how much worse it could have been.

She said: “Because it was an automatic car, I can only think she must has mistaken her accelerator for her brake.

“She flew out in a kind of U-turn and hit me with the front of her car, throwing me into the air and against a wall. I landed between a wall and the green box which is there. She carried on going, hit the box and then another parked car.

“I just want to thank those who helped, at the scene and in hospital. Coming from a nursing background I know how hard it is, and the main ward I was on at Wythenshawe was so short staffed.

“I received such excellent care and I’m just grateful.”

The driver of the car, an 84-year-old woman from Wilmslow, was last week fined £688 by magistrates and given six points on her licence for driving without due care and attention in Malt Street.