A NEW community choir is looking for voices to fulfil its goal of raising money for good causes.

Knutsford Beats will hold its inaugural session on Monday, February 12, at Knutsford Methodist Church.

Under the guidance of experienced choirmaster Di Healey, who has launched groups across the north west including the NHS Trust Singers, it is hoped the new venture will benefit the singers and community as a whole.

“I love that sense of community singing and I want to bring that back here,” Di said, “and it’s just so much better when men are involved.

“Men are maybe more reluctant and think that it’s not manly to sing – for younger men that seems to be the mentality.

“The men who sing with us in the north west are amazing. There’s an incredible range from an 86-year-old who runs the show, to the younger guys who get so much out of it. It’s just about joining in and giving it a go.

“Our annual events will probably be a summer and Christmas concert, and it would be enticing people to come along and help raise money for good causes.”

Among the causes Di wants to back is the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, following in the footsteps of Pulse of Perfumery’s ‘inspirational’ Peter Murray who inspired Knutsford to turn yellow in support of the charity last summer.

It is hoped that a summer and Christmas concert will become staples of the town’s fundraising calendar, with an inaugural show possible even earlier this year.

Di said: “The hope is that people feel good singing and do some good as well. That’s the best combination.

“It’s important to offer a good mix of music, and we have got around a dozen people interested before advertising it around town. There is capacity for around 40 in the current space but if it proves more popular we can look at expanding it.

“I’m looking for a good standard – it has to be good to maximise that charity potential.

“I want people to experience that community feeling. I want to encourage people to sing, full stop, but they will work hard as well. It will be a lot of fun.”