HOLMES Chapel Parish Council (HCPC) has said it understands the village library will not be closed by Cheshire East Council.

The borough council’s pre-budget consultation proposes closing Alderley Edge, Disley and Prestbury libraries to save £150,000, with Holmes Chapel and Bollington to be considered for future closure.

A HCPC spokesman said: “The information received is that these two libraries are unusual in that their footfall is increasing and so they maintain their relevance within the community.

"We are advised that there is no plan to close Holmes Chapel library at this time or in this budget cycle.

“There is a proposal for delivering the library services across the borough differently by having Everybody Sport & Leisure manage the library provision but this is still at the consultation stage.

"There will be more information on this after the consultation has finished.”

Parish council chairman Brian Bath says: “The library provides many other important services for our residents. It’s not all about books – the availability of computers is an example as well as many events they organise.

“HCPC encourages all residents to continue to make the best use of these services. The saying ‘use it or lose it’ springs to mind.”