IT has become a bit of a Christmas tradition in many households over the past few years. 

But this year Father Christmas will be flying past England a little earlier. 

Many families have previously enjoyed looking out for the International Space Station (ISS) on Christmas Eve and telling their children it was Father Christmas on his sleigh. 

This year the flypast will take place on a number of nights up to December 15 so you could tell your little ones it's Father Christmas on a practice run before the big night. 

The International Space Station is the largest space station laboratory ever built and orbits the earth at 17,500mph.

Flying at an altitude of roughly 200 miles, as it reflects light from the Sun it looks like a bright light (or indeed, Santa's sleigh) as it cruises past. has put together this helpful table for your best chance of spotting Santa. 

If you're not sure which direction to look in, most phones have a compass which should help point out the westerly direction you need to look in. 

Knutsford Guardian:

For more information, visit the Spot the Station website or the Meteorwatch website for latest estimated times.