LITTLE Waitrose in Princess Street has offered a helping hand to Knutsford Heritage Centre with a ‘Community Matters’ donation as part of its green token scheme.

The £205 boost adds to the store’s catering and hands-on maintenance support already offered to the King Street centre, including an outdoors paintwork job.

Sam Moyse, customer service manager at the Princess Street Waitrose Princess Street, states: “At Waitrose, we in our own way aspire to be as much a part of the Knutsford community as the heritage centre. We are also delighted to have been able with catering support for events held by the heritage centre.

“On a wider level, the donation raised through our green token Community Matters scheme is a measure of the respect our customers’ have for the heritage centre. It is one of Knutsford’s major assets. In helping to attract visitors to the town, the centre directly benefits local businesses.”

Heritage centre volunteer Janet McCappin said: “Knutsford Heritage Centre depends on generous support from local businesses, donations made by the general public, the fundraising efforts of Friends of the Heritage Centre group and sales from our gift shop.

“We are very grateful for the help given by Waitrose – and, in turn, its customers through the checkout green token scheme."

“Waitrose is a brilliant example of a company getting activity involved with organisations in the community it serves. The heritage centre values links of this kind, which are fully in tune with Knutsford’s unique character.

“The community-minded nature of Knutsford is distinctive – and evident to people from elsewhere in Britain – and overseas – who visit the heritage centre.

“They typically comment on how friendly the town is, and the obvious sense of community spirit. And there is no more tangible expression of this than the Millennium Tapestry.”