RESIDENTS living near the Royal London site in Wilmslow predict ‘a permanent traffic jam’ if housing plans go ahead.

Royal London Asset Management has submitted two planning applications to Cheshire East Council for homes at its site on Alderley Road.

The applications are for outline planning consents with access in detail - for up to 60 homes on land opposite the Campus to the west of Alderley Road, and one for up to 120 homes on the northern part of the Campus site on the east of the road.

The access to one of the planned developments has sparked concern from residents in Whitehall Close and Harefield Drive, who have formed the Alderley Road Action Group to raise awareness of their concerns.

“The new road to the easterly development would open at a point near the property known as The Coach House, between the King’s Arms roundabout and the existing traffic-light controlled road into Royal London,” said Whitehall Close resident Rhona Beenstock.

“This application ignores the Local Plan, which stated that ‘access to the site has been carefully considered...and the most appropriate access point is via the existing entrance off Alderley Road next to the northern lodge building’.

“As anyone who uses the road regularly will know, congestion, particularly in the morning and evening rush hours is considerable. If this application goes ahead the impact on Alderley Road will be huge.

“When trucks manoeuvring into the Travis Perkins yard, plus a school bus decanting children, are taken into account, it takes little imagination to see this road is going to be a permanent traffic jam.

“Another application in this mix is for a hand car wash on the site of the former petrol station – this was rejected, by Cheshire East partly on grounds of traffic congestion, but has now been taken to appeal.

“There has been increasing anxiety as this development has grown – initially the site was taken out of greenbelt because Royal London claimed a pressing need for an up-to-date new building, and extra car parking for an increased workforce, promising 450 new jobs in addition to the 900 currently employed.

“Having achieved planning approval Royal London are now in the process of selling the site and moving to Alderley Park.”

To see the applications and comments visit The application numbers are 17/5837M and 17/5838M.