SEAMSTRESS Dorothy McCarthy is in such demand that she has created a special sewing oasis in her garden.

Dorothy, from Wilmslow, embroiders vestments for Catholic priests and church altar cloths, and says the outdoor room will enable her to continue her passion for sewing and embroidery, supplying clergy and churches.

A student of the Royal School of Embroidery, Dorothy and her husband Frank began looking for extra space as her hobby grew.

Dorothy, a former teacher, is thrilled with her new space.

She said: “I really love my new garden room, it’s so light and airy and has plenty of space to lay out all my garments, sewing machines and all the other equipment I need.

“We did lots of research and even considered building over the garage. Then we found Rubicon Garden Rooms and they’ve done a terrific job - we’re delighted.

“We are Catholics and attend the Latin Mass at our church and joined the Latin Mass Society. Members got to know I could sew and I began to be asked to repair vestment robes worn by the priests.

“This expanded to altar cloths, houseling or communion cloths, and soft furnishings in priests’ houses.

“One of my projects involved repairing and making curtains and cushions for a well-known church in Merseyside.

“The ‘Dome of Home’ or St Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church in New Brighton, Wirral, had a flood in the kitchen and lots of furnishings had to be thrown out so, along with other volunteers, I’ve helped to make it liveable again.”

The sewing room has been carpeted and equipped with lots of storage space by Dorothy and Frank, a retired BBC audio manager.

Twelve spotlights ensure plenty of light for the close work Dorothy undertakes when she is sewing and embroidering, as well as tables for cutting cloth and her sewing machines, plus cupboard space.

Frank, a member of Wilmslow Town Council and vice-president of Wilmslow Dean Rotary Club, said: “The garden room is incredible, we are delighted with it.

“It’s also low maintenance, which is very appealing and is a lovely place for Dorothy to do her sewing in peace.”