VILLAGERS and guests will soon be able to learn more about the history of Alderley Edge when a new heritage centre opens its doors.

As part of renovation work at St Philip and St James Church, in Church Lane, the rich history of the village and its surrounding area will be on display from Monday, July 24.

Following a £285,000 Heritage Lottery Fund grant, the church now boasts a refurbished spire, as well as an open space for community use.

A portion of that funding is also to be used on a heritage centre to the rear of the church, and Michael Scaife, of the Alderley History Group, is hopeful the centre will prove a valuable addition to the community.

“The Heritage Lottery Fund wanted the money to be put towards a project which could benefit the whole community and bring more people into the church,” he told the Guardian.

“From there, the church has been working with Alderley History Group to use the money to provide a heritage centre.

“The group will provide much of the material. There will be a large TV screen on which we can display images and some of the material we have.

“Along with that we hope to be able to have some other items that the history group has collected on public display.”

The centre will be opened by renowned local historian Alan Garner at 7.30pm on July 24, while the church’s renovated spire is already complete.

“The full renovation is 99.99 per cent complete,” Michael added.

“It’s not just for the history group – we are hoping to bring as many people here as possible.”