I’ve been working with Tommy, a very challenging retriever this week. His lady owner was distressed because her daughter will not allow her grandchildren to visit due to his wild behaviour.

“I love my grandchildren,” she told me tearfully.

“And I love my dog Tommy so I just feel torn apart.

"I could see why the grandkids kept away, Tommy was a large boisterous, excitable dog likely to launch himself at you at any time.

“Tommy, is such an affectionate dog, he’s my baby," his owner told me. And there in one short sentence was the entire problem.

Clearly he wasn’t anyone’s baby, Tommy was a dog but the lack of leadership had made him insecure and dominant.

The first thing I taught Tommy was jumping all over me was not acceptable.

The next lesson was mastering the walk.

Walking is a primal activity for dogs and leaders lead and followers follow.

I let Tommy know it was my walk and he would be following.

He fought against it for a couple of minutes then accepted the change and off we went for a walk in the sunshine.

Once I had Tommy in the right attentive state of mind he was relatively easy to work with.

Tommy was enjoying learning a more relaxed way of being.

The mental stimulation of learning kept his brain engaged and stopped him charging around like a mad bull.

Passers-by started to admire him and a neighbour actually thought Tommy was a different dog.

As luck would have it we met the grandchildren on their way to the park and Tommy was steady as a rock.

Mum even promised to ‘call in on the way home.’

Tommy’s owner was delighted.

I shall be at Morley Green Club Dog Show Mobberley Road, Wilmslow SK9 5NT this Sunday, June 4 with my Behaviour Clinic from 1pm.

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