A MUM is hoping to use her experience of looking after a child with food allergies to bring the cost of food for families down.

Katie Baverstock-Hunt was forced to change her shopping habits when her then six-week old daughter had to spend time in hospital  due to food allergies in 2012.

Faced with an ever-growing food bill while buying allergen-free food at supermarkets, she turned to Jackie Coldwell-Collins, a registered nutritional therapist at Therapy Organics in Bank Square, for advice.

The pair devised a plan to help Katie’s daughter stay allergy-free at a more manageable £80 a week for a family of four, and she is now using offering the Pure Family Food scheme to other families.

“Even though our daughter wasn’t eating any allergens, she seemed to be in-and-out of the doctor’s surgery and was admitted to hospital several times,” she said.

“But within six weeks [of the plan], even my childminder commented she was a different child.

“I was shopping more like my grandmother’s generation did, so I found I was naturally by-passing ready meals.”

Her seven-day plan covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and a snack, and features a host of fresh food.

Jackie added: “Katie has drawn upon her personal experience and creativity to provide an invaluable resource for both those catering for allergies alongside those who just want to eat well.”

To find out more about the programme visit purefamilyfood.com