YOUNGSTERS at Wilmslow High School were left feeling inspired last week after an author shared her pearls of wisdom on World Book Day.

Stockport-based Jo Welch, who released The Einstein Code last year, held an interactive session with the school’s budding writers and avid readers.

Pupils from year seven shared their recommendations with Jo, and the former Oxford student gave her own tips from the industry, before sharing a sneak preview of her forthcoming novel.

“Wilmslow High gave me a wonderful welcome for a World Book Day of raving about books and writing, two of my passions,” Jo told the Guardian.

“So many of the children were book lovers, with so many great reads to recommend to each other that we ran out of time.

“There are some enthusiastic writers there too, and wonderful teachers, so it was an absolute thrill to share World Book Day with them.”

The visit was part of Wilmslow High’s week-long celebrations to mark World Book Day, which this year celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Katie Baldwin, reading school coordinator at Wilmslow High, told the Guardian that it was great to see the school’s students get so involved for the occasion.

“Every year to coincide with World book Day we spend a week celebrating the benefits and pleasures of reading,” she said.

“Jo’s visit was the main event, and she spoke about her experiences and her favourite books.

“She hosted a writing workshop, shared an exciting preview of her next novel, The Darwin Code.

“It was lovely to see the students sharing their favourite books with Jo, and her knowledge of children’s literature is so extensive that they made it their own challenge to find a book she hadn’t read.

“It was fantastic for them to talk about books for the day.”