A WILMSLOW mum has discovered a treatment for her eczema that’s so successful, she’s written a book about it.

Lisa Johnson, of Davenport Green, suffered with the skin condition from the age of 18 when she was studying for her A-Levels.

Now 42, Lisa has practiced aromatherapy for the past seven years, and has controlled her own eczema ever since.

“It began when I was 18 and then it would come and go, but it would get worse each time,” she said.

“I would go to the doctors, get some cream, but it would get worse – I was in a vicious cycle and the eczema got worse and worse.”

After retraining as an aromatherapist, Lisa has run LJ Natural in Altrincham Road, and helps many people who also suffer with eczema.

Her knowledge in the field has led to her using only natural products to treat the skin condition, and the new treatment has made her own eczema far more manageable.

Lisa said: “My nine-year-old daughter also gets eczema in her arms and behind her knees, which is common in children, but we are able to keep it under control.

“The idea behind the book was that my clients ask me for advice on dealing with eczema regularly, and the answer’s the same every time.

“I thought instead of repeating myself 10 times a week, I’d write it down instead.

“The most important advice I could is to look at your diet, look at ways to keep your stress down, and consider changing your washing powder if it is causing irritation to your skin.”

For more information on Lisa’s work, and to buy a copy of LJ’s Guide to Living with Eczema, visit lj-natural.com.