A SHOCKED passenger of a bus travelling through Mobberley has described the moment a ‘bullet’ was fired through the window.

Police were called to the scene in Town Lane on Wednesday, August 24 just at around 2.20pm following reports of a ‘gunshot’ fired at the 88 Arriva bus from Knutsford to Altrincham.

According to an eye-witness, a ‘rifle’ was heard before the glass shattered, leaving a small hole in the window.

There was apparently an elderly woman sat close to where the hole appeared.

Michael Harrison, who was on the bus, said: “I was on the bus just getting into Mobberley when I heard a rifle and straight after, the window shattered.

“If it had been a second later it would have been a different story as a lady was sat right next to it. Police were then called.

“I was just shocked that it had happened.”

A spokesperson said that officers conducted a search of the area but found nobody or any weapons nearby.

The Guardian was also told that the incident was being treated as ‘suspicious’ damage to the vehicle.

The investigation is ongoing.

Arriva has been contacted for a statement, but was unable to comment at the time the Guardian went to press.

Anyone with information should contact Cheshire Police on 101.