MOBBERLEY residents who raised more than £17,000 to fight plans to build 365 homes in the village are celebrating after a planning inspector rejected the proposal following a six-day inquiry.

Salford Quays-based LPC Living wanted to build the new housing estate on the Harman Technology site in the village and develop adjacent land.

The company had seen its proposal rejected by Cheshire East Council in November 2014, despite council officers pushing for it to be approved.

LPC Living decided to appeal against the decision to the planning inspectorate.

Inspector Mark Dakeyne heard evidence from both sides during a six-day planning inquiry held in May at Alderley Edge Conference Centre.

Villagers, together with Mobberley Parish Council, raised £17,000 to hire Freddie Humphreys QC, from Kings Chambers Manchesters, to represent them at the inquiry, along with a team of experts who were based in the village.

These included villager Helene Evans, an acoustics expert, Stuart Nixon, a resident and planning inspector, villager Dr John Sutton, a transport consultant, Cllr Jamie Macrae, Cheshire East councillor, Cllr Ian Norbury from Mobberley Parish Council and Helen Mountney, chair of governors at Mobberley Primary School.

In his report, the inspector Mr Dakeyne agreed that the impact of aircraft noise on future residential occupiers living in this location would be 'unacceptable', and also that development of the Green Belt associated with the housing scheme and the residents living environment could 'not be outweighed by very special circumstances for such development'.

He also considered that the scheme would not 'constitute sustainable development in accordance with National Policy'.

Cllr Janet Cookson, chair of Mobberley Parish Council, told the Guardian the application was never sustainable for the village.

"I need to personally thank all the residents of the village and our supporters over the past three years for their commitment in opposing this large scale development," she said.

"I also express my gratitude to our team of local professionals, who gave up weeks of their own time to mount such a strong defence.

"To build housing for a 1,000 residents in Mobberley village, a rural community would never be sustainable. The parish council are committed to protect our green belt and conservation area from development, and the health and wellbeing of our residents.

"I fully agree with the inspector, that it would be unacceptable to subject future residents to live in a location where they need a noise shelter in the garden to enjoy being outside, and live in sound proof houses.

"Living in a rural Cheshire should be about quality of life."

A second application, similar to the one that has just been rejected by the planning inspector, was also refused in March 2016 by Cheshire East Council, after large scale opposition by the parish council and the residents.