IT may sound like a barking idea but experts believe Take Your Dog to Work Day is the paw-fect way to spend this Friday. 

1. It could become a regular thing

Experts believe the perks of being around pets on a daily basis are ‘wide-ranging’ and can include a dramatic reduction in anxiety, an increased ability to focus, as well as potentially lowering the risk of dangerous decreases in blood pressure.

This has resulted in psychologists including Wendy Dignan urging company bosses to create a more pooch-friendly work environment – not just for the day but all year round to help boost productivity in the workplace.

2. But not if you or your dog gets too excited

If your dog is too excited to meet new people or be in new places, or if he doesn’t get along with other dogs or people, leave him at home.

Hide electrical cords and wires and remove toxic items such as permanent markers and house plants.

Advice also includes walking your dog before work and taking with you a water dish, treats, a clean dog bed or blanket and squeak-free chew toys.

3. Don’t forget the legal details

Even if the whole office is happy to welcome a dog, it is important that lease agreements are checked.

Commercial real estate leases often ban animals, advises MedicAnimal, therefore it is vital to check this thoroughly before opening the doors to your mutts or you could face a fine or expulsion.

4. You need to start hounding your boss now

The annual nationwide event takes place tomorrow to help raise money for a variety of animal charities and celebrate the companionship between dogs and owners.

Last year #BringYourDogToWorkDay trended #1 on Twitter helping to raise money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs.

5. But if it’s a no

You can still get involved by posting a picture of your pet on social media using #BringYourDogToWorkDay and encourage others to donate to their nearest animal charity.

Will you be taking part? Don't forget to send us your pictures via our Facebook or Twitter pages