KNUTSFORD Academy students strode the catwalk this month as it hosted its annual fashion show to a packed audience.

This years’ show, that took place on Thursday, May 12, was inspired by the Steampunk genre, showcasing work created by current year 9 students who have studied Steampunk.

Students have explored an exciting range of materials and techniques to create a collection of corsets, arm cuffs, hats, waistcoats and even wings, using materials such as rivets, studs, spray paint and lace trimmings to create these unusual and imaginative outcomes.

The evening was also supported by dance and musical performances from the highly talented performing arts students at the Academy.

Textiles teacher Jess Wilkinson said: “We are extremely proud of our students and the commitment and enthusiasm that they have displayed, in order to create an amazing fashion show this year.

"Students have come together to combine their skills to create the show, including: fantastic textile garments, a paper cut stage set, photography and filming of the event and choreography of routines.

"The atmosphere was electric and it was fantastic to see students (some who usually wouldn’t step foot on a stage) beaming with confidence and flair.”

More than100 students aged from 13 to 18 were involved in the show, including A Level student Sara Coggin.

She said: “I have participated in our annual fashion show for several years.

"It is a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase textile skills and gives the audience a chance to view the garments and pieces we create throughout the year.

"The addition of music and dance makes the show fun to be a part of and exciting to watch.”