A SEA of people will walk in Canute's footsteps in 2016 as they 'ford' the River Lily to mark the 1,000 year celebration of the King's visit to Knutsford.

'Canute's Crossing' is one of the many events taking place as part of Knutsford's first participation as a town in the annual Heritage Open Days (HODs) festival from September 8 to 11.

"The HODs festival will see some 20 heritage sites being open to the public across the town," said Sarah Flannery of the Knutsford Promenades community association, which is running the event.

"The story of Canute coming to Knutsford is a central part of the festival and we want to see 1,000 people represent 1,000 years of the town's history from 1016 to the present day celebrate Canute by crossing the Lily.

"Residents, visitors, community groups, sports clubs, youth groups, businesses - everyone who contributes to the vibrant Knutsford of today - are invited to take part."

The main Canute's Crossing will be held on Saturday, September 10 from 2pm to 4.30pm when artist Russell Kirk will lead the creation of a thousand-piece community art installation on the Moor.

"Russell has been looking at the varied history of the Moor which has played such a big role in the 1,000 years since Canute's visit from a place where Knutsfordians kept and fed livestock, to supplying reeds for thatching buildings, to being a place where the military trained - even a dumping ground for waste," said Sarah.

"Today the Moor is a wonderful green space in the heart of the town providing the community with leisure and recreation opportunities in a clean and safe environment."

Although the main event takes place in September, a number of smaller crossings will take place during the summer.

"The first to make the crossing was Christian Wewer, Consul for Denmark closely followed by Knutsford Town Mayor Cllr Tony Dean," said Sarah.

"It was fitting that the Consul for Denmark was the first to make the 'official' crossing and be the first to sign our Legacy Book."

The special leather bound book will be signed by all those who take part in Canute's Crossing to create a legacy of the 1,000 anniversary of Canute's visit to Knutsford.

"Thanks to OKA who donated the book, we will be able to create a record of the event and those who took part which may well be looked back on in 3016!" said Sarah.

For more information visit knutsfordpromenades.co.uk, follow @knutsfordproms on Twitter, or like /KnutsfordPromenades on Facebook.

Between now and September 10 the Guardian will be featuring photos of people crossing the River Lily.

Send us your selfies to knutsford@guardiangrp.co.uk to help create our Canute's Crossing gallery.