CHESHIRE Police have confirmed that cash machines in both Wilmslow and Knutsford were tampered with over the weekend.

It follows reports put out on social media over the weekend which warned bank customers that machines in both towns were being checked because of suspicious activity.

One tweet read: “Cheshire Police have received reports of issues with Santander ATM's in Wilmslow. Please do not use the machines and call your bank and 101.”

Another said: “Reports of suspicious activity at cash machines in Knutsford, officers checking machines, if you see anything please ring 101 #hereforyou”

The county force has responded to a Guardian enquiry this afternoon by saying: "Cheshire police can confirm that there had been a number of ATMs tampered with over the weekend however these are not thought to be linked to skimming devices.

"It appeared that in one case keypad numbers had been stuck down in some way and a ruler had been attached to anther causing an issue with the buttons.

"Users of all ATMs regardless of bank, business or location should always be vigilant as a matter of course and report any suspicious activity to police on 101."

The initial weekend warning followed advice from police in Lancahshire not to use Santander cash machines after fears that they had been compromised.

Police received reports of suspicious devices on Lancashire ATMs and expressed concerns that criminals have targeted the machines in a bid to steal cards and cash.

Lancashire Police have warned that the issue could be widespread and advise people to be wary of any cash machine and report anything suspicious.