STUDENTS from Knutsford Academy spent a day working as aspiring journalists as part of the BBC Schools Report day.

The pupils in Years Seven and Eight spent Thursday, March 10 interviewing a range of people including Tatton Park rangers, Knutsford Heritage Centre volunteers and people from Knutsford businesses.

The group worked to a theme of past, present and future as they gathered their information and returned to the school so that the articles could be written up and published online to a 4pm deadline.

“I liked being a reporter for the day as it was a very fun and exciting experience, also it felt like the real thing of being a news reporter,” said Samuel Holland, a Year Seven student.

“I would love being a news reporter when I am older as it is very exciting and its very interesting finding out the latest stories as every day is different.

“I used the skill of being efficient and effective with my words and sentences to put a good, strong message across to the reader. Also I used the skill of being working hard to finish the task to my full potential.”

Knutsford Academy has been taking part in the BBC school report for 10 years, and Helen Robert, head of Year Seven has called the event a ‘fantastic day for the students’.

“I was incredibly pleased by how they all engaged with the challenge and tried their very best to get brilliant interviews,” she said.

“The opportunity to meet different members of the community and understand their perspective was such a privilege for the young students and you could see that they all relished the chance to do something different.

“In the afternoon when we were in our ‘news room’ there was such a buzz; the end results were so interesting and my colleagues and I were very proud of the Year Sevens and Eights. We’re grateful to everyone from Knutsford who was so supportive of the students.”