CHESHIRE Police have faced a Twitter backlash after making light of two offenders stealing food in Crewe.

At 1.26pm today the official Twitter account for Cheshire Police published a pun-heavy tweet about two women arrested in Crewe for stealing meat.

The tweet said the incident was ‘ham-fisted’ and that the women had made a ‘misteak’.

The tweet said: “Two females arrested in Crewe after stealing meat. Their attempt was a bit ham-fisted and they're now considering their misteak in custody.”



The attempt at humour quickly backfired , as tweeters criticised the police force for the insensitive nature of the tweet.

Job Bobsworth said: “So crime is funny now is it, does my council tax pay for your comedian? I want a refund.”

Kate Dodd said: “Stop making jokes.”

Cam tweeted: “Really? Laughing at the poor and the hungry?”



However, not everyone was so damning of the force.

Colin Hubbard said: “Don't mince your words.”

Sue Cross ‏said the incident was a case of ‘bovine intervention’.



A number of Tweeters claimed Cheshire Police had made up the entire thing.

Josh Morris ‏said: “Have a bit more faith in our police force, there's no way they would make jokes about people getting arrested."