PROTESTORS took to the streets of Knutsford on Sunday to raise their voice about drilling licences granted to fracking companies for across the borough.

Around 30 people braved the miserable weather from 12pm to 3pm to raise awareness of plans to explore land under the Tatton constituency to find gas for fracking.

The peaceful protest took place on the Little Heath and attracted people from across Cheshire, including Frodsham and Tarvin.

Nigel Hennerley, of Shuldham Close in High Legh, who is a green party member organised the fracking rally to run in line with a number of national events taking place during January.

“If fracking takes place in this area, it could go wrong and we know it does go wrong,” said Nigel. “From a local stance, it is the scale of the operation that people have to get their heads around.

“It is the infrastructure that will go along with it. There is no need for any of this- there is enough oil and gas, more than we will ever use.

“Each operation will require millions of gallons of water and that water is then permanently poisoned.

“It is our responsibility to do something about fracking. It is not in the interest of the community or the country, or the world.”

Residents from Knutsford and High Legh gathered by the roundabout in Knutsford with posters which said ‘Frack Free Everywhere’.

The protest ran in line with a national ‘solidarity day’ against fracking, which included more than 30 events across Great Britain.

Gareth Wilson, liberal democrat parliamentary candidate and chair for Tatton constituency, also attended the rally.

"I was utterly flabbergasted when a licence for exploratory drilling was granted to fracking company INEOS under the majority of the Tatton constituency,” he said.

“In the last government the Lib Dems fought the Conservatives tooth and nail to secure safeguards to protect huge areas of the UK from fracking, including national parks and sites of scientific interest - unfortunately almost of all these safeguards have been removed since May 2015.

“Our next step along with allies from the Green party is to put pressure on Cheshire East Council to pass an urgent motion that opposes any fracking in Cheshire until it has been proven safe.

“I was delighted with the turnout considering the action group has only recently formed and once the news gets out to more people we expect even bigger demonstrations in future.”