SURROUNDED by teddy bears this smiling Styal 10 year-old is a world away from the global fame he has achieved in the last couple of weeks.

This was the day that Tyson Fury, dressed as Rambo, turned up to Styal Primary School for World Book Day, as one of his iconic film hero's famed for his fighting exploits.

As the Guardian reported last week, Tyson is remembered with affection by all of his teachers and none more so than one of his retired teacher's Jane Foddy, who taught him during his final two years of primary education.

She said: "Tyson started first in the infants and came into my class aged 9 so I taught him. The first thing I remember was his stature he was much bigger than all the other children. Even when he was aged six he looked like a 10 year old.

"I taught him all the subjects and he was so kind and caring with all the other younger children which was really nice to see.

Mrs Foddy said she thought that the budding world champion had learned some important lesson while at Styal.

She explained: "Because he was so big the boys teased him because of his size and early on he learnt to control his temper by turning the other cheek and walking away."

She also believes that because the school was tiny it was hugely important Tyson's development.

"He really enjoyed to play football but because it was such a small school all the children male and female played all sports, which also included netball and rounders."

"Another time when we we went on a school trip with outdoor activities which he really loved and included rock climbing and abseiling."

"However, he used to say to me that he was going to be a boxer when he grew up and one day was going to be a world champion."

The last time Mrs Foddy saw Tyson was shortly before her retirement some three years ago when he came into school to say farewell.

"When he came into school he told me about his boxing and to remind me that he had lovely memories of going to Styal Primary.

"He said one of his aims had always been to be taller than me(6ft), and indeed, he had beaten that (6ft, 9in)!"

Since her retirement, however, she has kept a close eye on Tyson's career.

She adds: "I remember thinking crikey, he is going somewhere with his boxing and it was nice to think a lad from our school was succeeding.

"He used to talk about being a boxer when he dressed up as Rambo and then he became a boxer and now he is world champion, thus achieving his dream.

"I know that all the teachers who taught him are very proud of him."