KNUTSFORD-based business, Retail Excellence Partnership (ReXP) recently became the first private organisation in the UK to deliver a new employee motivation programme based on the work of a world renowned business guru.

Director of ReXP and Knutsford resident, Kevin Jardine, has been the first business operator to secure use of the programme known as ‘Drive TM’.

The programme offers the ‘ultimate guide’ to workplace motivation and engagement, and is based on the research of the New York Times award-winning author of ‘Drive: The surprising truth of what motivates us’, Daniel H. Pink.

Drive encourages delegates to understand the science behind motivation in a modern business environment and explores what truly motivates people and how they can use that knowledge to work and perform better and live a more fulfilled life.

Kevin said: “I have been an admirer of the work of Dan Pink for some time, and having worked in a corporate environment for many years I recognised that traditional methods of reward and motivation are becoming tired and ineffective.

“Drive is incredibly thought provoking both in a work context and in seeking personal fulfilment.

“The opportunity to work with Dan and his team was amazing and now we are able to share this forward thinking philosophy with other like-minded organisations.

“However, for me the most important thing is that organisations who are using these philosophies are not just making a difference in terms of staff motivation and retention, they are also getting much better business results. Drive really makes a difference.”

There are a number of delivery options available to both large and small organisations who wish to empower and engage their teams more effectively, ranging from short seminar sessions or one and two day workshops, to longer term implementation support.

ReXP are also licenced to run ‘train the trainer’ events for companies who wish to embed the philosophy internally.

The company, based on Adams Hill, works with clients operating in the retail and service sectors to drive results through people and performance, delivering programmes for leaders, managers and front line staff.

For further information on Drive or other programmes contact Elaine on 01565 228020.

Alternatively visit the ReXP website