THE cafe in Knutsford's indoor market has a new owner.

Milly Peel and husband Martin will be launching 'Cafe 64' on October 29.

Milly opened up 'Mimi's Baby Boutique' in July but now has grand plans for the cafe, which is named after the year the market hall opened.

She took on the lease following the death of previous owner, Kath Cooke in May this year. The cafe had been in Kath's family for more than 27 years and had been operated by her nephew Stuart Holden.

"When me and Martin first met we used to go to the cafe and when it came we decided to just go for it," she said.

"I think I won him over with my cooking when we first met and it was something we used to talk about."

"I got taught to cook by my grandma and dad so I will be using some recipes that have been in my family for a long time.

"We're looking at getting the school kids during the rush after school and the lunch time crowd. We'll be using produce from the fellow traders as well."

Stuart said told the Guardian Kath would have been really happy for Milly to have taken the cafe on.

"It's very sad, not only because of her being my Aunt, but because she had been in Knutsford for so long," Stuart said

"Most remember her just for the cafe, but she originally started with the fruit and veg stall a few years before that.

"It's the end of an era really, but I know Kath would have loved Milly which is why I've passed the cafe on to her."

Martin's firm, MSP Building, will be completing the overhaul of the cafe and Milly added she had employed someone to look after the 'Mimi's Baby Boutique' stall, while she will take on all the cooking at Cafe 64.

On offer will be a range of food from milkshakes, through to lasagne, roast dinner baps, soup of the day and items previously on the menu, such as full English breakfasts.

"I have really liked the atmosphere in the hall, since opening the boutique," he said.

"It is big enough to get prams around and people feel like it has got quite a homely feel and it's welcoming.

"I don't want to come in and do something completely different. There have been clients who have been going for years and I want to look after them as well as welcoming new customers."

The cafe will be open Tuesday through til Saturday, 8pm until 4pm.

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