TWO Knutsford businesses have offered a unique ‘sensory’ opportunity to visitors in order to boost each other’s success.

On Wednesday September 30 Pulse of Perfumery and The Old Sessions House teamed up to invite 15 special guests to a cocktail and perfume evening.

During the evening, guests were invited by both companies to sample luxury scents from Pulse of Perfumery, which were complimented by five specially designed cocktails from the bar at The Old Sessions House.

Tom Highman, executive bar manager for New Moon, said: “It was a great experience to bring together two local businesses and work with some fantastic spirit and perfume brands.

“The evening was intended to take people on an interactive sensory journey, exploring the link between taste and smell using exclusive fragrances and craft cocktails made with the first ingredients.

“The feedback has been fantastic. I was very lucky to work with such passionate and knowledgeable people from POP and Diageo reserve brands.

“I can’t wait to start planning the next one.”

The evening, which took place at New Moon’s headquarters, is just the first in a number of events linking the two Knutsford companies together.

As well as this new partnership, The Old Sessions House teamed up with Diageo who provided top of the range spirits such as Ketel One Vodka and Tanqueray Ten, which is the only spirit to make it into the ‘Hall of Fame.’

Diageo spirits will be working closely with New Moon in the future to provide quality alcohol for the upcoming ‘Bronx Bar’ on Princess Street.

The cocktails, crafted by Tom, were complimented by some of Peter’s favourite scents including Terre d ’Hermès, a perfume for men.

Peter Murray, owner of Pulse of Perfumery, said: “It’s vitally important that businesses in Knutsford find creative ways of working together like this. The experience our customers have is our number one focus so when we spot an opportunity to offer them something more we’ll jump at the chance.

“Not only is it great exposure for ourselves and The Old Sessions House but it also builds loyalty as customers know we’re constantly challenging ourselves to give them an even greater experience.'

“Knutsford’s businesses are becoming renowned for going above and beyond. Whether it’s the window displays for the RHS flower show or initiatives like the Pumpkin Path, our residents and visitors expect more from us, and it’s great to be able to keep exceeding their expectations.’

For more information about how to book a private perfume and cocktail party, contact Alison at The Old Sessions House on 01565 721833.