AN entrepreneur was on cloud nine when his baby daughter arrived on the same day he launched his new telecom business.

Stephen Dykes, from Wilmslow, launched Telecom For Business Limited on August 1 and on the same day his second daughter, Phoebe Erica, was born.

Stephen said: “It wasn't planned that way but when Phoebe decided to delay her arrival by two weeks it meant that both of my new babies were born on the same day."

“Our first daughter, Niamh, arrived two-weeks early so if Phoebe was like her sister and arrived by the due date then there would have been a nice two-week paternity leave before my new venture kicked off.”

Phoebe’s delay meant that she made her appearance at 1.55am on the same day as the big launch of her dad’s new business.

Telecom For Business Ltd specialises in cloud based solutions, delivering telecoms and internet solutions to small businesses throughout the north west.

Stephen added: “We pride ourselves on deploying solutions that help businesses to work flexibly and remotely and this certainly tested the solution in the early days.”

“Work is now something you do rather than somewhere you go so having the ability to make and receive business calls professionally whether from a desk phone or mobile is essential, even if that is just outside the delivery room.”

Stephen’s fiancée Danielle, who is also the finance director for the business, said: “We realised as the due date came and went that Phoebe was going to affect the launch plans but really wasn’t expecting to begin both chapters on the same day.”

“We’ve been very fortunate that Phoebe is proving to be relaxed and well behaved as her sister so at least we don’t have too much sleep deprivation to worry about.”