A FORMER Methodist chapel in Handforth could be converted into flats if plans are approved.

Detailed plans have been submitted to Cheshire East Council to convert the Historic England Grade II listed building on Wilmslow Road into 12 flats.

The now derelict building, which was first built around 1840, is listed with Historic England (formerly English Heritage) as having a ‘special architectural or historic interest’ but if plans are approved changes such as new windows, new doors, change of use of garden to car park and rebuilding part of the chapel will take place.

Matthew Jarman, from Maydean Design, said in his heritage statement submitted to the council: “In spite of the disrepair, the historical importance of the building cannot be underestimated but a lack of usefulness and life means that it is currently in need of considerable repair, rebuilding and renovation.

“Conceptually, the scheme proposed has been considered in terms of limiting the effect on the historic building whilst looking to return it to useful life.

“The design attempts to maintain the original appearance from the principle elevation from Wilmslow Road.

“The scheme seeks to redevelop this building and site as soon as possible. This will preserve it for future generations by ensuring that the applicant and possible future owners maintain and care for the building.


Without such a change and immediate investment, the building would continue to be neglected, hence the structure and the entire building becoming difficult to repair in years to come.

“We believe the scheme proposed strikes the right balance between minor intrusive works and the wider benefit of ensuring a new use.”

The application is set to be voted on by Cheshire East Council’s northern planning committee on Wednesday, September 7.