A KNUTSFORD fine wine merchant hopes wine lovers in the town will make their crowdfunding campaign something to drink to.

Yarnell Vintners is hoping to appeal to investors in the area as they raise the capital they require to grow their business.

David Yarnell, the company's founder and managing director, said: "When we started exploring the possibility of raising funding for the business, we were advised that the type of investors we were looking for would only be found in London, but discussing our plans with friends and associates in Knutsford, we soon realised there was a genuine desire to support businesses in the local area.”

The company has received the financial backing of Knutsford entrepreneur and experienced investor, David Garlick who will bring more than 30 years management and finance experience to his role as Non-Executive Director.

David was managing director of Knutsford based D&D Wines International, which he built into one of the largest wine importers in the UK, prior to selling the company in 2011.

Yarnell Vintners' crowdfunding campaign was launched earlier this month and has already raised more than 60 per cent of its target.

David added: "We've already had a significant amount of interest, with investments of between £10 and £10,000 from all over Europe, but we're hoping that local investors will help us reach our target.”

The company intends to raise £450,000 in return for a 45 per cent stake in the business, with £100,000 coming from crowdfunding and the rest from high-net-worth individuals investing directly in the company.

Qualifying investors will be eligible for a range of tax benefits under the HMRC administered Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), including income tax relief up to 30 per cent of their investment.

Sue Yarnell, marketing manager added: “We are hoping that investment in Yarnell Vintners would provide an opportunity to support and benefit from a local business with plans and ambitions to succeed in a growing sector.

"The funding we are seeking will allow us to fully implement our development plan to expand our business, ensuring we have a realistic opportunity to take a larger share of a resurgent market - these are exciting times for us.”

More information about Yarnell Vintners' fundraising campaign can be found on their website yarnellvintners.co.uk