THE second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Vienna this evening And it’s all to play for with 17 countries competing for 10 places in Saturday’s 27 country final After doing pretty well in predicting most of the semi-finalists to go through on Tuesday, we are chipper about getting a similar degree of prediction success this evening The event has a variety of styles and genres from perfect pop from Sweden, modern electronic music from Latvia and a typical Euro tune of love and peace from little San Marino. Some of the songs that should easily qualify they include Sweden and its act Mans Zelmerlow, which is a polished pop piece with very interesting staging using interactive graphics to their fullest effect.

Others we think will qualify are: Slovenia, which has an Adele soundalike vocalist, but with a really contemporary sound - and the duo will be wearing their trademark headphones on stage; Azerbaijan with a moody soaring ballad with some interpretive dance on stage; and Norway which has a slick masterpiece with some quite dark lyrics, but performed and staged perfectly for the Eurovision audience.

Eurovision expert Paul Marks-Jones says: “Other than the ones already mentioned, we have a group of other songs that should make it including Lithuania Latvia has an up to date electro pop number with powerful vocals from Animata. Then we have the 'guy in the glasses' from Cyprus - a simple, gentle ballad, which is unlike any of the other songs, and Iceland have gone for the success of the film 'Frozen' market, with a song that would not be out of place in the hit movie.

“The other spots will be a battle between Czech Republic, Israel and Montenegro......but Poland close the show with wheelchair bound Monika, who may just tug the heartstrings with her ballad all about rising abovethe difficulties that life throws at you.”

The show is on BBC 3 live from 8pm.