CYPRUS’S John Karayiannis is likely to become a familiar figure on the streets of London.

John, 20, from Limassol, will shortly be moving there to continue his music studies and to record his first album.

However, this week's experience here in Vienna is not his first appearance at Eurovision given that at aged 13, he tried unsuccessfully to qualify for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

His influences include Ed Sheeran and John Mayer and his interest in Eurovision dates back 10 years when he heard the song Stronger Every Minute sung by Cypriot singer Lisa Andreas.

Before he got onto the stage, we caught up with him in Amsterdam to discuss his song and his life.

He said: “I was involved from an early age and I tried to represent my country seven years ago in Junior Eurovision, but I didn’t make it, so now I’m here in the actual Eurovision and it’s the most amazing thing that has happened to me.

“Although the Eurovision song One Thing I Should Have Done is fairly soft and gentle, I can sing everything! I used to sing opera for three years. I listen to everything and I like to sing everything but the styles that represent me best are jazz, pop and blues.

Asked what he would take away from appearing at Eurovision, he added: “Maybe just the whole thing – meeting people, chatting, making connections, learning new things – that’s the most exciting thing for me. “But it’s fun to guess who’s going to win and I am so happy to be involved in the biggest music experience.”