THE uneasy standoff between Russia and the Ukraine has forced one young singer to look for another country to sing with at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

Eduard Romanyuta, is hoping to impress the juries and TV viewers when he takes to the stage in Tuesday’s first semi-final here in the Austrian capital.

Eduard, had already made four attempts to qualify with his home country but at the fifth time of asking, and with the Ukraine’s withdrawal, it was left to his adopted Moldova, to give him a dream ticket to this year’s Eurovision finals for the first time.

Before he took to the stage, we caught up with him to ask him about what the contest holds for him “This year I was going to try again for Ukraine as we had a song ready with vocalists and choreography, and then we found out that Ukraine would not participate.

“It seemed a pity to miss out on the chance because everything had already been prepared. Subsequently, we found out that Moldova would allow competitors from other countries to compete for them, so we went there and we won! “And, given that I was from another country, I was so delighted and grateful to everyone who voted for me. I now want to be able to show what I can do and not let them down.”

The 22-year-old singer is an independent artiste with his own label, who is also working on his doctorate in tax policy in the context of European integration. He sees music as a means of bringing people of all countries closer together He explains: “I think that music is the main power in the world that can change anything, so singers like Michael Jackson have done a lot for people through his music. But often it also depends on the person - you have to want to change, and if you do, then you start with yourself. And of course I try to be that way and I think that music has a very great power and if everyone tries it together it will work.”

And does he think that success at Eurovision might help improve the difficult situation in the Ukraine.

“I would like to say that first and foremost I am an artiste and I don't want to talk about any other things, but I think it will help and the chance to show that everyone needs to do what they can to improve things.”