A KNUTSFORD school sprang into action last week to raise emergency funds for the Nepal earthquake crisis.

Egerton Primary pupils held a charity day on Friday to collect money for Shelter Box, an organisation providing emergency aid to disaster zones.

The children paid to dress in the colours of the Nepalese flag, and over 250 cakes were sold in one of the biggest cake sales in the school’s history.

Alison Hooper, headteacher at Egerton Primary School, said: “This type of fundraising event is very important to our children and to raise money for those in need.

“The children really identify with the needs of the families, and they learn about the reasons why this is happening.”

During the day a real-life Shelter Box was brought in by Knutsford Rotary Club, who have a longstanding partnership with the charity.

“The Shelter Box has taught them that people need to work together as a team to get things done. We took items out of the box to look at. This is better than raising money and sending off a cheque because this way the kids can see it and understand what they are doing.”

Each Shelter Box is £590, and all of the profits raised from the event are going towards purchasing one box for victims of the disaster in Nepal.