CHILDREN at a Peover school have replicated a garden scene from almost 100-years-ago.

Little green-fingers at Peover Superior Primary School have prepared the school garden based on a photograph of the same school thought to be from the 1920s or 30s.

The picture was unearthed following an appeal for memorabilia as the school reached its 100th anniversary.

Members of the gardening club recreated the photo in exactly the same spot to show how some of the traditions from that era have continued into the present day.

Gardening has now become a key part of the curriculum at Peover Superior, which means that the children have the opportunity to take control of their own vegetable patch, and build a bug hotel.

8-year-old Delila Carden-Doorey, who is in year 3 at the school, said: “Gardening at school is really fun, I enjoy planting the seeds and seeing what happens to them each week. You have to be really patient until the plant appears but it’s really exciting when it does.”

The lessons cater for all ages, and there are lots of projects currently underway, including the creation of an art garden.

Angela Teste, parent and garden manager, said;

“There’s no better place than the great outdoors for a fun and practical way to explore environmental sciences. By involving children in gardening, we can stimulate their interest early about where their food comes from, how plants are grown and why they should care. We’ve even had some children going home and requesting different vegetables to try, that they’ve grown or learned about at our gardening sessions!”

To donate seeds, shrubs or bedding plants to the school, contact Angela Teste on 07800 986073.